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jesse_in_boston's Journal
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Sunday, April 7th, 2013
10:04 am
I'm a dad!!!!

This is amazing I have a tiny baby in my lap!
And it's my baby (and Rachel's).

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Tuesday, March 11th, 2008
1:59 pm
Dorian's first birthday party.
On March 20, Dorian will turn 1 year old, so we'll be having a party on
March 22, at 3.

The essentials:
Who: Elizabeth, Daniel, Dorian, & Jesse
What: Dorian's first birthday party
When: Saturday, March 22, 3PM
Where: 410 Gallivan Blvd, Boston, MA (The Sweatshop)

While we'd love to see more kids of Dorian's approximate age (and kids
in general are welcome), this won't be a kid's birthday party of the
cake, presents, pin the tail on the donkey variety. This is a party
for us to celebrate surviving our first year with him.

RSVPs are lovely, but not essential.

There will be a bunch of games and some space for them. If you have a
game you'd like to play, bring it. We like games.

Dorian loves presents. He likes chewing on the paper, and waving the
ribbons around. However, the present he seems to like best is a red
paper cup, and (don't tell him) we have a stash in the pantry.

We won't make you wear a silly hat.

We look forward to seeing you.

The Fine Print:
House Rules:
- Don't burn down the house.
- Don't be stupid.
- Don't be a jerk.

House Info:
- The place is more or less infant-proofed, it is getting toddler
proofed, and it's not actively child-dangerous. Kids are welcome,
but please watch them.
- Smoking is not permitted inside, but may happen in the backyard.
- There are two cats in residence. Medicate as you will.
- There is parking along Carruth (not exactly legal, but don't park
on the sidewalk and you'll be fine). The T should be running, and
due to construction at Ashmont, you have to go around the station.
See http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=575217
Sunday, December 9th, 2007
9:08 pm
party details
Anyway, please join us for our 7th annual Not a Christmas Party. Now
with 100% more Not Christmas!

Play pin the tail on the lamb of god! Thrill to the spectacle of people
avoiding the mall. Watch cheesy movies! Chill with hot chocolate that
starts with Callebaut, goes on to peppers & cinnamon, and then submits
a thesis involving whipped cream & amaretto...

Who: Elizabeth, Daniel, Dorian, & Jesse
What: Not A Christmas Party: Chinese food, Movies, Schmoozing
When: Dec 15, 3PM til late
Why: all that Holiday Cheer can get Oppressive, also Daniel wanted
to experiment with hot chocolate made from worthwhile chocolate...
Where: 410 Gallivan Blvd, Boston, MA (The Sweatshop)

RSVPs are lovely, but not essential. But if too many people show up
without having rsvp-d, we may run out of dutched cocoa....

If there's any movie you want to see, bring it. It raises the odds

There will be a bunch of games and some space for them. If you have a
game you'd like to play, bring it. We like games.
Monday, January 1st, 2007
8:02 pm
out of town
My grandfather just died. I'm heading to PA for the funeral tomorrow. I will be out of email contact for the next few days/ this week.
Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
1:48 pm
My brother and I were struck by the fortuitousness of them coming out with a sequel to Basic Instinct. We thought that if they could make a Basic Instinct 2 fifteen years after the first we could suggest some other overlooked Hollywood gems ripe for sequels

Fatal Attraction 2
Yentl II –
Roshoman 2: Another point of view
Postcards from the Edge(r)
The Bicycle Thief strikes again
While You Were Sleeping Again -- While you were Awake
Anniversary Party II: Why aren't they divorced?
Singing in the Rain II: Singing in the Sun
Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind – You don’t want to know
Thirteen Monkeys
Thelma and Louise II: The Trip Down or Thelma and Louise II: Thirty Seconds to Heaven
Max Dugan Returns Returns
The Man With Three Brains
Bigger night
The Nastier Girl
Schindler's List II: This time he means business
What's Regurgitating Gilbert Grape
Matrix 4 revelation
Star Wars 0
Gigli 2 -
The Sixth Element – Sometimes love isn’t enough
Pearl Harbor 2 – they’re back (special directors cut 9 hour version)

These are currently in the theaters, but we couldn’t wait for 15 years to pass to see them in theaters again.

W is for Wendetta
R VI – European Christmas vacation
Phat Girlzes
Monday, August 29th, 2005
5:25 pm
just saw the 40 year old virgin

So I was driving back from My Mom's 62nd Birthday.  I got caught in traffic 80 miles from home, so I decided to kill some time by seeing a movie.


I get to the theater at 7:40, there was a 7:35 showing of The 40 Year Old Virgin.  Normally I would avoid a movie with the title The 40 Year Old Virgin. But my brother, Lorin, had liked the movie, so I took the plunge.


The movie started off with a dumb bonner joke, followed soon by an uncomfortable not especially funny poker scene.  I was getting ready to make fun of my brother for his appalling taste in movies.  I even started thinking of ways to work in living in LA with terrible movie choices.  Then something startling happened.  Something strange and frankly a little amazing.  The movie started getting funny.  Not just wincing at an uncomfortable situation (although there was some of that).  This movie was really funny with genuine funny jokes and good gags.  Then there was a touching romance as well.  How was a movie called The 40 Year Old Virgin having interesting character development and really funny non-juvenile humor (well some juvenile humor too)? 


The movie suffered a little from too many ending but the last ending was really funny (the other fake endings no so much).   Usually when a movie has more then one ending I want to write the director telling him he has to choose when to end a movie and not have extra endings after he’s had what should have been a movie ending scene.  But this time I thought the last ending made up for the annoyance of having extra endings.


This was the second time this summer I’ve gone into a movie and seen a movie much better then I was expecting (The Wedding Crashers was exhibit B).  Now looking at the movie’s numbers I’m expecting to see The 40 Year Old Virgin 2 - Born Again Virginity, but who knows given how much better this movie was then I thought it would be maybe Born Again Virgin will be worth seeing. 

Wednesday, May 19th, 2004
1:45 pm
Sunday night
YAY ! - I shouted it last night and I'll whisper it today (now that my voice is gone not cause I'm any less excited) YAY – it so perfectly Captured my mood last night as me and 10,000 of my closest friends got together to celebrate sex couples filling out applications so they coukld get married this week.

So me, Daniel and Elizabeth (my house mates) found parking and got to Cambridge city hall a little after 10 pm. We were there for about three hours I was shouting or cheering for about one of those hours. I just felt good for those three hours. These last three years have been very discouraging politically for me. This quagmire in Iraq, The George Bush tax cuts for the rich so our economy will suck plan and the Ashcroft freedom to agree with our government initiative have not sat well with me. But here in MY city was a genuine victory something I just feel unambiguously good about. The forces of good triumphed over the forces of evil.

So I wandered over for a better view of the protesters (Since I was not the one protesting anything for once, these were not in fact counter protesters.) The first sign I saw was GOD HATES AMERICA in red white and blue. Well I thought these guys are kind of fun I thought. The next sign I saw said GAY WED. With a graphic of 2 puppies facing us. I could not figure out what gay Wednesday was (About an hour later I realized it was probably gay wedding). Then there was a sign that said GOD BLEW UP THE SPACE SHUTTLE. Once again I was a little mystified (First Wednesday has a sexual orientation next GOD doesn't like pork barrel space exploration). But the sign reading THANK GOD FOR SEPT. 11th cleared everything up for me. These were crazy people. If I do not understand why someone hold up these signs or talks to space aliens it is because they are crazy and I am not.

Well after that wandered over closer to the steps of Cambridge city hall. It was around 11 and I did not get that close. But I every once in a while people would start cheering so I did as much. I'm not conveying how exciting this was. When I say I was cheering I was jumping up and down shouting cheering for all I had. I didn't know specifically why I was cheering, whether someone just started cheering for the heck of it or something had happened to prompt cheering. But I knew generally why I was cheering. This was a great day for civil rights in our country. A historic day. One I will talk about for years and years. I was there when I stood up and was counted.

I hung out with some people that were friends of friends. This is the embarrassing part to admit - the woman I was taking to and hitting on for about 2 hours (in between cheering and shouting) 1. had a boyfriend 2. Had met me twice before and I did not remember her 3. Had not given me her phone number the first time I had hit on her (about 8 years before). The only positive spin on this that i can think of is I guess there are some people I'm strongly attracted to and will hit upon repeatedly. Oh yeah and my memory sucks.

Well I was standing there cheering and a woman in front of me started blowing bubbles. I was very strongly adrenaline rushing at that point in time. I shouted “BUBBLES!” she looked over at me and took out a 6 pack of bubbles!!!!! She was my bubble Goddess. Bubble goddess I bow to your bubble greatness and your awesome bubble powers. I handed out the soap and started blowing bubbles.

After a while I gave my bubbles away. I looked up and there was 1000's of bubbles floating in the air. The lights reflected a little rainbow in each bubble. And they wafted in the air. I'm trying to describe it but each attempt comes up short. I can only say that in a truly incredible magical night this still stood out as amazing.

Finally at around midnight we started cheering cause couples were filling out their paperwork and emerging. I took my inspired cry from my favorite sign of the night – YAY. And that was pretty much it. Except I shouted, jumped and cheered till a little after 1:30 when I took pity on my employed house mates and let them drag me off.
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